LAVINDE COPENHAGEN is the result of a private and professional partnership between Cecilie Svendsen Vinde and Fillip Løwén Nielsen. The idea arose in 2015 because the couple, of course, especially Cecilie, even lacked what LAVINDE COPENHAGEN today manufactures: Exclusive beauty products of the cleanest commodities – at a price where most can be with.


Our mascaras are made in Italy, and we have a finger in the whole process right from the selection of raw materials to the color of the packaging. In this way, we ensure that all LAVINDE COPENHAGEN’s products are made with the cleanest ingredients of the highest quality. 

You will also always be able to find at least three active ingredients in our beauty series that strengthens and nurtures, so that our mascaras not only gives you beautiful lashes, for example, but also ensures that they do not dry out. Moreover, you don’t just have to take our word for it – in the spring of 2018, LAVINDE COPENHAGEN won the year’s Care & Protect award at the Danish Beauty Awards.


LAVINDE COPENHAGEN wants as many people as possible to benefit from our beauty products, so there are no perfumes or other allergenic ingredients in LAVINDE COPENHAGEN’S series of Mascara. Then you have delicate skin or allergies, are you pregnant, or you want to protect yourself from unnecessary chemistry, you can safely use our cosmetics which will always have, The Blue Label. 

We are even the first brand in the world to have mascaras who have received The Blue Label from Asthma Allergy Denmark – it is your guarantee that LAVINDE COPENHAGEN takes chemistry and allergies seriously.


We are allergy-friendly, yes, but certainly not dull. We are not hiding on the beauty shelf, but standing side by side and gliding in gold with the most expensive designer brands – even if we cost half. 

LAVINDE COPENHAGEN is luxury from the inside to the extreme, and the exclusive experience starts for us already at the packaging, where we have cared for even the smallest detail to spoil you with the most excellent products.